wordle word cloud

There are Word Cloud Generator Alternatives to Wordle

Ever since I discovered Wordle, a word cloud graphics generator, I have been using it for all kinds of creations. Recently, I have run into trouble using Wordle as it depends on JavaScript and some browser block it. One day the program works for me and the next I have trouble with it. That lead me […]

Problem Sovling the Astronaut's Way

Problem Solving the Astronaut’s Way

I was just reading the November 2013 edition of the Zoomer special anniversary issue when I came across the interview with Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut and commander of the spacestation for 3 months earlier this year. He captured the hearts of a lot of Canadians with his video, photographs and tweets from space. Reading […]

Anger is Power

Anger Is Power

In 2006 I came across this article about ‘Anger’ in the ‘Health’N Vitality’ magazine #39 I strongly resonated with it. This collage is my way of presenting the information. To read the information and tips on how to deal with anger go to my wellness blog.

Pixelpainting – Coloring Black & White Clipart Part 1

May 2004 Over the last few months I have become aware of something called Pixel Painting. The result is usually a small picture that has an outline 1 pixel wide and then is colored in. A search in a search engine will give lots of information about Pixel Painting. I liked the idea, but could […]

Puzzle People

Puzzle People

For a long time I had this idea floating around my brain of using a puzzle overlay on some of my graphics. So I posted on the microsoft.public.imagecomposer.discussion newsgroup for a puzzle overlay. I received a puzzle overlay and a puzzle font. My daughter and I were trying to create a puzzle with the font, […]

Playing with distortion

Playing with Distortion

For a long time I had this saying buzzing around my head and wanted to make it into a bumper sticker. It just never worked. Well, now it just kind of created itself. My biggest trouble had always been to make it look like the words are jumping over the fence. Then it hit me […]

Solar Flares Graphic

17/12/1999 I found at the discovery channel’s online site a camera that takes ultraviolet pictures of the solar flares. As soon as I saw the image I knew that it had great possibilities as a graphic. So I took the original green sun image from December 16/1999 and played around with the saturation and put […]

Marlies Mandala


12/12/1998 Since I have been drawn to creating things in the round lately, it has been a natural progression to “Mandalas”. Here is the dictionary definition of the word: man·da·la Pronunciation: ‘man-da-la Function: noun Etymology: Sanskrit mandala circle Date: 1859 1 : a Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe; specifically : a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side 2 : a graphic and […]

Dream Window Graphic

1998 I like to work with dingbat fonts to create graphics. I needed a graphic looking through a window and could not find one, so I made my own. I created this image the following way: The window frame started out as a film strip piece, the mountains are variations of the same character. And […]

The Geisha – Graphic Design

While looking through newsgroups I came across a link for a tutorial for a Geisha with PhotoImpact. I really like the finished image, but don’t have that program. So I decided to see if I could follow the tutorial and create the Geisha with Microsoft’s Image Composer. It turned out to be a lot of fun and […]

The Night Window

20/01/1999 I wanted to create a window that I could put different scenery behind, but did not have the means to do it. Now in the meantime I found a perfect window frame. The glass panes were originally white, but by cutting them out and inserting a night sky behind it it look almost real.

The Cave

September 1998 This graphic is a combination of my interests in graphic design, native interests and the runes. The cave background, the owl, spider’s web, spider, and turtle came from my daughter’s “Flying Colors” program. The final creation was produced with Image Composer whose layering capabilities gave me the opportunity to give dimension to the work. The Runes, […]