FP – Blokletter Balpen

A photo of wispy clouds I took last week, combined with a tweet from Carol Tuttle lead to this fontplay. The font is available as a free download here.

FP – Lithos Pro

When I heard this line it gave me the idea to see if I could create a graphic that would make the text look like waves or water flowing. The end result is this fontplay. The Lithos Pro font is not a free font. It is availablehere.

FP – Harrington

Continuing my experimentation with scanned envelope patterns I created a second fontplay with an Abraham Hicks quote. The Harrington font is available as a free download here. l

FP – Eurostile/Lithos Pro

While experimenting with scanned envelope patterns I came across this quote and in no time this simple fontplay was created. Eurostile is a commercial font that I got with  program, Lithos Pro can be downloaded for free here.


What is a FontPlay? The short answer: it is a way to use and show off all those fonts us fontoholics have collected. FontPlay was started by the person who created the www.fontplay.com site. There are font newsgroups like alt.binaries.fonts and annexcafe.fonts (news.annexcafe.com) where you can show off your creations. Those newsgroups are also the […]

August 2009 Desktop Calendar & Wallpaper

When I saw this cow in the middle of a garden I just had to take a picture and when I went looking for a photo to use for August’s wallpaper it caught my attention and so here it is. The 3 sizes should fit most computer screens. Right click on the link to save […]

July 2009 Desktop Calendar & Wallpaper

I found this photo I took in June perfect to use for my July desktop calendar wallpaper. The 3 sizes should fit most computer screens. Right click on the link to save the file to your computer July 09 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper 1920 x 1200 pixels 1280 x 1024 pixels 1024 x 768 pixels July […]

2008 Crop Circles | August – Part 1

The hardest part to coloring crop circle diagrams, is when you don’t quite resonate with a crop circle or it leaves you blah. I just start and often am surprised that those design turn out to be often quite stunning.