drawing of face with crop circle background

Playing Around With a Crop Circle

2000 I find crop circles fascinating. Their intricate designs are just mind-blowing. In August I came across this neat looking crop circle. I found it at the Crop Circle Connector. The circle showed up in a farmer’s wheat field in Martinsell Hill, near Clench Common, Wiltshire, England on August 8, 2000. As I was so drawn […]

My Blue Marble Graphic

02/09/1998 I liked to look at the graphics in my net cache and play around with them. Version I This first is a variation on my ‘Houses on the Internet’ graphic. I call it “The Blue Marble”. When I showed it to my son, he casually mentioned that I could get in trouble with copyright […]

Little Alien Drawing

August 1997 One day my son was fooling around with a graphics program and created this adorable picture. He lovingly called it his ‘Little Alien’.

Holiday Card from Photo

This year I discovered the Pixel Bender plugin for Photoshop and have had lots of fun playing with it. So when I needed a Holiday card I started to looks through my photos. Why go looking at other peoples photos when I have my own stockphotos. I found this wintery one of the old red […]

Eastern Passage – Photo -> Painting

I took this photo at Eastern Passage, NS. Then just recently I discovered Photoshop’s Pixel Bender filter and have been having a blast with it. I am using the picture for my holiday cards this year and as I have now added the Fotomoto plugin, I have the option of sending my pictures as ecards.

Mirror Technique – Loving Yourself Graphic

Yesterday, I posted on my Dappled Air Blog about really loving yourself. I created a graphic for the blog post and then realized that I should have put the graphic on this site. So here it is. It makes a great desktop graphic centered on a black background.