Abraham Quote – Vibration Postcard

My son and his family is currently vacationing on Kauai and keeps on sending us these gorgeous sunrises. I tried to figure out what to do with it and came up with this photo turned painting paired with an Abraham quote on how our vibrations are like magnets.

Dear God Prayer Postcard

In August I came across this prayer and felt compelled to do something with it. This is the result.

Abraham Quote – Make a List Postcard

I love to get the Abraham quotes and often use them together with my photos. This one spoke especially strong to me. How often do we forget to stay positive and count our blessings.

Abraham Quote – Attracting Money Postcard

I don’t know about you, but I like many others is struggling with attracting money. So when I came across this Abraham quote that laid it out simply on where to focus, I had to create a card that I could share.

Prayer = Wireless Connection

I came across this quote in a catalog and just had to combine it with a photo I took of clouds, my graphic design skills and being a geek. It is right up my alley.

Change Your Thinking Inspiration Postcard

Last week I came across an interesting video and article that lead me to create this reminder postcard. It has been a while since I created a fontplay like this. They are fun to make and easy to do. You simply combine a photo with a font and quote you like. Email me if you […]

FP – Waterlily

I took the photo of the lone fishing person at Oat Hill Lake in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada and then one day I got the idea for the quote. Looking for a suitable font lead me to one called Waterlily. I is available as a free download here.

FP – IQFont

After blogging about the cool way this font was created at the end of July 09, I just had to find a way to use it. Inspiration struck after I had the opportunity to take this, for me rare, sunset photo. I live below a hill and get to see sunrises, but no sunsets. The […]

FP – Blokletter Balpen

A photo of wispy clouds I took last week, combined with a tweet from Carol Tuttle lead to this fontplay. The font is available as a free download here.

FP – Lithos Pro

When I heard this line it gave me the idea to see if I could create a graphic that would make the text look like waves or water flowing. The end result is this fontplay. The Lithos Pro font is not a free font. It is availablehere.

FP – Harrington

Continuing my experimentation with scanned envelope patterns I created a second fontplay with an Abraham Hicks quote. The Harrington font is available as a free download here. l

FP – Eurostile/Lithos Pro

While experimenting with scanned envelope patterns I came across this quote and in no time this simple fontplay was created. Eurostile is a commercial font that I got with  program, Lithos Pro can be downloaded for free here.