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FP - Lithos Pro

What is a FontPlay? The short answer: it is a way to use and show off all those fonts us fontoholics have collected. FontPlay was started by the person who created the site.

There are font newsgroups like alt.binaries.fonts and annexcafe.fonts ( where you can show off your creations. Those newsgroups are also the place to find free fonts and we you can increase your collection.

The annexcafe.fonts newsgroup just started again to have FontPlay Challenges (March 1, 2004, FPAC##). Here is a link to past challenges at FontPlay Challenge Archive.

I find that my Artist Trading Cards and FontPlays are very similar at times in that I use fonts as part of the design. So, now I have even more space to play. At the same time I have found a great use for all my digital pictures I keep on taking.

If you wonder about the names of the fontplays, here is an explanation. To make it easier to remember what font was used the font name is the name of the fontplay.

All fontplays are available to buy as a postcard. Email me if you are interested.

email me for FontPlay Postcards

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