Pregnant Lighthouse ATC

April 2003:my son has been creating some really cool pictures by recreating photographs as drawings. That inspired me and I went looking through my hard drive and came across a scan of a picture of me that was taken in 1978 when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my twins. Yes, that was my true bodyshape. I was very surprised when the picture of earth fit perfectly into the shape. We had taken the picture as a lark as everybody was quite amazed at my shape.

Now it was my training ground to create a painting. I got it done and was quite please with it, but now what? I created the painting without a head, so how could I use it? Then I got the idea of superimposing it on a lighthouse and my latest ATC was born.

ATC pregnant lighthouse - front

ATC pregnant lighthouse – front

ATC pregnant lighthouse - back

ATC pregnant lighthouse – back


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